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Our products are developed using innovative bio-technologies, extracted from natural plants and active substances from rich sources.

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About CARLMARK International

We are driven to formulate, manufacture and distribute export quality natural products to exceed customer satisfaction.

The Company

CARLMARK was established in 1992. Many people have been looking for alternatives to synthetic products. Since we are more focused on natural lifestyle, we concentrate on natural products.

Message From the President

To flow with the natural processes of the body and keep optimum condition, a balanced, natural lifestyle is essential. I myself personally train in activities such as yoga, swimming, running, and martial arts--and therefore appreciate the need for balance in the body. Indeed, it has a direct relationship with my performance in those activities, and more importantly, for my own well-being.

Toxins and disturbances in the body’s normal function are usually the result of consuming too much synthetic and processed substances. Years of experience has taught me that preventing the consumption of products derived from synthetic materials is a key and effective method of maintaining balance in the body.

At CARLMARK International, we believe in the use of more superior natural alternatives. We constantly formulate and manufacture export quality products, not only to meet customer demand, but to also exceed their level of satisfaction.

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